Rep. Justin Rodriguez Calls for Transparency of Spending for Voter Education Campaigns by Filing House Bill 3285

AUSTIN—Today, Representative Rodriguez filed House Bill 3285 to ensure accountability and transparency in the use of taxpayer dollars for voter education efforts.

“In government—whether at the state or local level—all citizens should be allowed to see where their tax dollars are spent, especially where spending on voter education is concerned,” Representative Rodriguez stated today.

This bill requires the Secretary of State’s Office to produce a report on voter education efforts and demonstrate effectiveness after each general election. Should this bill become law, any private entity that the Secretary of State contracts with on these efforts must also be willing to let the State of Texas show taxpayers how their money was spent.

“As stewards of public money, we should act in a transparent manner and make sure Texans have the proper information to hold their state officials accountable,” added Representative Rodriguez.